Making contributions to PTC by serving on committees of the Council is one of the many opportunities of PTC membership. Committee members contribute to the overall success of the organization throughout the year and provide both thought leadership and action. Below is a current list of the Board of Governors, Advisory Council, and Member committees.

2017 Board of Governors Committees

Academy Committee

Chair: Paul McCann
Members: Bill Barney, Sean Bergin, Mohamed Elagazy, Gary Kim, Hugh McGarry, Jim Poole, Nakul Rege

Awards Committee

Chair: Bruce Drake
Members: Gregg Daffner, Heather Hudson, Timothy Logue, Toshio Suzaki

Finance & Audit Committee

Chair: Brian Tellam
Members: Bill Barney, Gregg Daffner, Bruce Drake, Timothy Logue, Anthony Rossabi, John Spence

Membership Committee

Chair: Robert Crinks
Members: Scott Bartlett, Eric Bender, Matthew DeMartino, John Garrett, Hiroyasu Hosoi, Ted McFarland, Nakul Rege, Yasuo Sato, Lynn Smullen-Volz, Joe Zhu

Program Committee

Members: Robert Crinks, Timothy Logue, Paul McCann, Ted McFarland, Anthony Rossabi, Joe Weinman

Strategic Planning Committee

Members: Bruce Drake, Elizabeth Fife, Tara Giunta, Stephen Ho, Timothy Logue, Hugh McGarry, Sharon Nakama, Masaaki Sakamaki

2017 Advisory Council Committees

Appeals Committee

Chair: Thomas Cooper
Members: Joe Weinman

Succession Planning Committee

Chair: Mohamed Elagazy
Members: Timothy Logue, Toshio Suzaki, Joe Weinman

2017 Member Committees

ICT Development Special Interest Group (SIG-DEV)

Co-Chairs: Shishir Belbase and Elizabeth Fife
Members: Heather Hudson and Richard Taylor

Research Committee

Co-Chairs: Mark Chun and Elizabeth Fife
Members: Stephan Beckert, Thomas Cooper, Heather Hudson, Richard Taylor

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