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Reimagining Telecoms

17–20 January 2016 | Honolulu, Hawaii
Hilton Hawaiian Village® Waikiki Beach Resort

PTC's annual conference is the Asia-Pacific's premier telecommunications event. Now in its 38th year, the annual conference is a strategic springboard for the global telecommunications industry. The Conference provides all attendees with a three-day platform to focus on planning, networking, and discovering what the new year will bring.

Reimagining Telecoms will explore how ecosystem participants must reshape their strategies, revenue models, products and services, processes, customer relationships and regulatory strategies, and how every industry and organization adapts to an era of communications and computing abundance.

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President's Welcome Message

Moving Forward by Reimagining Telecommunications

We had an outstanding program in PTC’15, much has been said about our networked planet.

This year’s PTC theme – Reimagining Telecoms – is meant to prompt us to rethink and re-imagine possibilities in our modern telecommunications ecosystem, and there are great possibilities indeed!

In the past, telecommunications brought our world closer, with wireless and wireline connecting people and places. We can agree that these connections are a “fait accompli,” and today our world is being transformed by mobility, big data, cloud computing, the Internet of Things, cybersecurity and the emerging concept of “Internet Plus.”

All these technologies and concepts are blending together in a synergistic manner, to produce something greater than the sum of the parts. Today, telecommunications is no longer merely about bandwidth, cable capacity, voice and data, but also the emerging importance of intelligent technologies. We will, for example, see further integration and interaction between cyberspace and physical space. The Internet of Things is one clear example of this. Wearable computing will also show the way toward more integrated, more intelligent use of pervasive telecommunications in our daily lives.

Aside from pervasive connections, the new ICT landscape also exhibits more intelligence. Mobile apps on our

phones, and now on our wrists, can deliver powerful mashups of information drawn from cloud services, GPS data, and social networks, all analyzed by artificial intelligence heuristics to help us with business or with our personal lives.

Therefore, telecom is no longer just about network; and the network is no longer just about communications, but about enhancing our existence, about bringing more color to our lives, and more opportunities to our businesses.

With this view, it is the aim of PTC’16 to facilitate the brainstorming of ideas in this next chapter of telecommunications, and also serve as a professional venue where stakeholders can establish working relationships that actualize these ideas into real products, real solutions.

Let us seize this exciting moment in telecommunications. Let us truly leverage the possibilities the new technologies and the more pervasive, higher bandwidth together bring, and explore how the Internet of Things and other disruptive technologies can be the building blocks upon which we can rethink, reimagine, and even reinvent, modern life!

Stephen Ho
Stephen Ho
President & Chair, Board of Governors

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