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PTC'17: Changing Realities

PTC's annual conference is the Asia-Pacific's premier telecommunications event. The Conference provides all attendees with a three-day platform to focus on planning, networking, and discovering what the new year will bring.

PTC’17: Changing Realities will explore the changing realities of business, customer demands, the global economy, and the global regulatory environment to help attendees identify how these new realities will affect them and how they can chart their own paths through the dynamic changes of our industry.


President's Welcome Message

Embracing our Changing Realities

PTC’16 challenged us to reimagine strategies and possibilities in global telecommunications. Now, we are prompted to not only reimagine the industry, but to understand how it’s changing the future of all industries, however close or distant from the digital world.

Disruptive technology is a ubiquitous phenomenon occurring in our lives today. Online streaming services are challenging traditional cable and broadcast models, mobile phones are impacting broadcasting, music streaming services are continuing to disrupt the music industry, and apps are completely altering how we function in this world from how we travel to how we communicate with one another. Whether we like it or not, disruptive technologies are completely shifting and reordering our global economy—to Asia-Pacific and beyond—at every level. As difficult as it can be to predict which technologies and trends will transform our lives, there is no doubt that our reality is changing and therefore it is imperative that we adapt.

But while change can be unsettling, breakthroughs around non-traditional business models such as mobile payments, 5G mobile, Internet of Things, and driverless cars are also creating growth opportunities within the telecommunications industry. We are living in an exciting time during which these innovations in technology are not only propelling our global ecosystem towards business progress but they’re also driving transformative change, new regulations and positive social impact.

PTC’17 will strive to further explore this theme of Changing Realities to cultivate discussion around how the industry’s boundaries and opportunities are being redefined and, most importantly, to understand how we can adapt and not be forgotten.

Anthony Rossabi
Anthony Rossabi
President & Chair, Board of Governors

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