Program Participant

Program Participant

Jay Christensen

Senior Director, Global Business Development, Hostway

Jay Christensen has over 16 years of experience in providing innovative solutions in the cloud hosting and telecommunications industries, including positions in product management, project management, sales, and global business development. He has worked with companies of all sizes and in many different industries in the US and in 55 countries throughout the world, helping these companies understand the market opportunities for increasing revenue, decreasing churn and improving customer loyalty.

Jay believes that the key to future success for any business will require a focus on a successful integration of innovative mobile solutions, a dynamic web presence and an accessible, reliable cloud. By effectively managing these three properties, companies both large and small will be positioned to take full advantage of the tremendous opportunities available in today’s global market.

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Sunday, 15 January 2017


Structure for Success: How Telco's can Improve Revenue and Reduce Churn Through VAS




As Telco's seek new revenue streams in a fragmented market, many have focused on the business sector, expanding their product portfolio to include business web services. But as business customer needs evolve, Telco's have expanded their offering to include complementary services like hosted business applications via a partnership with a web services company. A properly structured alliance can prove beneficial for the partners as well as the customers they serve, improving the Telco provider’s business market share and creating exceptionally sticky relationships with customers, both which increases revenue and reduces churn.

In this session, the speaker will examine how a large Telco partnered with a web services enterprise to integrate service delivery for over 100,000 business customers with small business websites and related web applications. Attendees will learn about the best practices Telco providers can follow to successfully add web hosting to their portfolio, including:

  • Bundling: Combining web hosting with Teleco services to create awareness, drive adoption and achieve customer stickiness.
  • Marketing: Such as using a business marketing tool to improve adoption of business packages and bundled hosted services.
  • Integration: Integrating ordering and billing processes to deliver seamless, simplified service to customers, improving retention and customer satisfaction.

The speaker will outline how the Teleco expanded its footprint in the small business market (1-20 employees) to become one of the largest players in the sector by offering add-on business services.

In a rapidly evolving marketplace, Teleco’s that are looking for new revenue streams, along with ways to attract and retain customers can find an ideal solution in a partnership with a web services company. Success hinges on the structure of the partnership. In this session, attendees will learn the best practices in bundling, marketing and integration to form the foundation for a successful program.

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