Program Participant

Program Participant

Pim Kamphuis

Graduate Student, Department of Interaction Science, Sung Kyun Kwan University, and Cloud Consultant, CoCreatures
Republic of Korea

P.I.M. Kamphuis (BA in Communication, Fontys, Tilburg the Netherlands 2015) is a graduate student at the Department of Interaction Science, Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea, and currently working as a freelance cloud consultant (CoCreatures, 2014).

His research interests include cloud computing, cloud security and global collaboration networks and co-working platforms. Currently involved with living labs - collaboration projects connecting universities, local governments and companies in South Korea and the Netherlands.

You can find Pim Kamphuis in:

Research Workshop: Privacy and Security
Sunday, 15 January 2017


Young People’s Security Behavior Intentions regarding Cloud Service Use: Suggestions for Better Cloud Services


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The purpose of this study is to measure intended security behaviors of university students using personal cloud services in Korea and the Netherlands to examine what attitudinal factors influence these intentions and to find out if there is a difference in security intentions between Korean and Dutch students.

TPB (theory of planned behavior) model is combined with external constructs from the SeBIS (security behavior intention scale) about security intentions of students’ cloud access devices. A questionnaire set comprising three TPB factors and four SeBIS factors was applied to a sample of 228 higher education students in Korea and the Netherlands.

Results show that the students’ intention on securing cloud access devices (CADs) is found and that the two group differences in terms of the TPB constructs and the actual security intention are significant.

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