Program Participant

Program Participant

Amy Marks

President & Owner, XSite Modular

Amy is president of XSite Modular the leading design-builder of Modular Cable Landing Stations (MCLS). XSite’s permanent, structural steel and concrete buildings are non-combustible and built to withstand security threats and the harshest environments. XSite’s MCLS have the benefits of Containerized Cable Landing Stations (CCLS) with higher quality and durability than traditional site built stations.

Some of XSite’s Modular Cable Landing Stations (MCLS) include ECLink, CFX-1, SEACOM, Matrix, Fibralink, TGN Pacific 6, Seabras-1, Hawaiian Telcom Makaha CLS (SEA-US), and Atisa. XSite provides PFE shelters, modular datacenters and other terrestrial telecommunications buildings.

Amy is an Alumna of Harvard Business School and the University of Florida. She’s published several white papers including Risk Mitigation through Industrialized Construction. Amy is a highly sought after keynote speaker for many international conferences on construction, and was appointed by the Singapore’s Building Construction Authority’s (BCA) to their International Panel of Experts focused on construction productivity.

You can find Amy Marks in:

Submarine Cable Workshop 2: The Many Keys to Global Network Security
Sunday, 15 January 2017

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