Program Participant

Program Participant

Ashish Jain

Director, Solutions Marketing, GENBAND

Ashish Jain brings over 12 years of telecommunications industry experience with expertise in the areas of Real Time Communications for fixed and mobile networks, Wireless Security, Mobile OTT, and enterprise social media applications. 

In his current role as Director of Solutions Marketing at GENBAND, Ashish drives planning and strategy for mobile security products covering session border controller (SBC), Wireless Access Gateway, Diameter Signaling product line and manages IP based Real Time Communication solution portfolio covering VoLTE, VoWi-Fi, Small Cell, Carrier Wi-Fi, SIP Trunking, and IP Interconnect.

Ashish holds a bachelor degree in Electronics Engineering and a Masters in Computer Science, with specialization in networks and communications, from The University of Texas.

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Sunday, 15 January 2017


Connecting the New Communication Mosaic: the Pathway to IPX Innovation




In today’s mobile-first world users are always seeking the best way to stay connected. With more communications choices than ever – whether networks (cellular, Wi-Fi, Web), providers (traditional telco, OTT, social networks), or communication modality (voice, video, messaging, collaboration, M2M,) we are now living in a communication mosaic. It’s exciting and opens up multiple possibilities, but also presents a real challenge for service providers: how can they meet the demands of today’s user while ensuring a consistent user experience across diverse networks?

End-to-end IP connectivity is critical. IPX carriers are sitting on a goldmine of global, high quality IP connectivity and datacenters. By leveraging these assets, they can enable fixed and mobile service providers to innovate and monetize by solving the complexities of interconnecting next-generation communication networks and services.

The session will lay out some new IPX business models, detailing how IPX carriers can extend their services by enabling VoLTE and RCS interconnect and roaming, and by hosting applications such as Carrier OTT to service providers. It will also go into how IPX providers can support today’s hottest trend: the API-enabled exchange of everything, at the intersection of real-time communications and the Internet of Things.

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