Program Participant

Program Participant

John Brzozowski

Fellow & Chief Architect, Comcast Cable

A proven technology leader John has been the driving force behind Comcast’s IPv6 transition and deployment since the program began in 2005. His accomplishments and success leading Comcast’s IPv6 deployment are recognized around the globe.

John’s tireless efforts continue as he advances the adoption of IPv6 across all of Comcast’s infrastructure and services. He leverages his expertise and experience to drive the adoption and implementation of IPv6 in the real world and at scale, ensuring that innovative solutions are in place to support traditional and next generation services.

His pioneering work has had significant impacts not only within Comcast but also across the entire cable industry and beyond. He has and continues to be instrumental in encouraging the adoption of IPv6 across the content and consumer electronics ecosystems.

You can find John Brzozowski in:

APNIC Workshop - IPv6 is Live! Real World Success Stories
Sunday, 15 January 2017






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