Program Participant

Program Participant

John Rosica

President, NVIS Communications & Barrett Communications Consulting

John Rosica is founder of NVIS Communications/Barrett Communications Consulting, and subject matter expert in the area of HF Communications for Resiliency and Fallback from normal infrastructure dependent means/methods.  

John founded NVIS Communications over 16 years ago and today it serves Federal, State and Local Government entities as well as many Private Sector Industries within the Energy Sectors as well as Telecommunications. 

John personally holds multiple FCC Licenses to provide this capability, and also personally serves with US Army MARS to provide secure backup communications for DoD and their served agencies/customers. 

He founded and served as CEO of a Silicon Valley Management Consulting firm for over 20 years but as of 2009 fully divested of that role to dedicate 100% of his time and energy to the NVIS Communications Mission. 

He is co-chairman of HF Industry Association and also serves on several other industry specific boards such as FBI/InfraGard Silicon Valley and Southern California Chapters InfraGard EMP SIG.

You can find John Rosica in:

Emergency Communications Workshop: Changing Realities of the 'Participation Revolution' in Emergency Communications
Sunday, 15 January 2017


2017 Product and Connectivity Update




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