Program Participant

Program Participant

Richard Steenbergen

Co-founder and CTO, PacketFabric

Richard Steenbergen is co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of PacketFabric, a next-generation Network-as-a-Service interconnection and transport solutions provider. Prior to starting PacketFabric, Richard served as CTO of GTT Communications, a leading global IP/MPLS backbone and Tier 1 network operator in over 80 countries.

Richard was also the founder and CTO of nLayer Communications for 11 years, served as a Sr Network Architect for various large NSPs, and served as a Sr Software Engineer helping developed advanced optimized routing techniques.

Richard has been attending NANOG since 1999, and is a frequent speaker and contributor.

You can find Richard Steenbergen in:

NANOG Workshop 3: NANOG on The Road - Honolulu
Sunday, 15 January 2017


Optics Tutorial


Everything you ever wanted to know about optical networking but were afraid to ask. Example topics include:

  • How fiber works (the basics, fiber types and limitations, etc)
  • Working with optics (choosing the right type, designing optical networks, etc)
  • Optical power (understanding dBm, loss, using light meters, etc)
  • DWDM (how it works, muxes, oadms, amps, etc)
  • Dispersion (what is it, why do we care, how do we fix it)
  • Optical Myths (can I hurt myself looking into fiber, can I overload my optic)
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