Program Participant

Program Participant

Leeana Smith-Ryland

CEO, Hawaii Pacific Teleport, LP (HPT)

Leeana has been Chief Executive Officer of Hawaii Pacific Teleport (HPT) since 2012. Prior to assuming the helm at HPT, Leeana spent 15 years in the financial services industry.  

Together with her investment partner, Leeana is credited with re-structuring HPT -- a satellite communications company -- and putting it on solid growth trajectory, all while maintaining high rates of customer retention and satisfaction. While at the helm of HPT, Leeana has successfully launched new products and services (in C, Ku, and Ka bands) and developed partnerships with other industry leaders. Amongst her notable achievements are obtaining a commercial x-band license for military use, and co-developing an industry leading trans-Pacific ‘meet-me-point’ in Hawaii called AlohaNAP.  

Prior to heading HPT, Leeana founded CS Wilton Group LLC in 2006 -- specializing in management, financial, and marketing advisory services to emerging and established private companies.  

Leeana holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Economics from Manhattan College.

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Satellite Workshop: Teleports in a Fiber, Wireless and HTS World
Sunday, 15 January 2017

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