PTCJ Innovation Seminar

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Tuesday, 17 January 2017
Location: PTC Japan Suite, Tapa Tower
Time: 17.00–18.00

Young innovators and/or SME executives at PTC Japan will present their unique approaches to business management in light of intrinsic Japanese philosophy of business. This is an interactive discussion between the presenters and the audience.

Japanese style business partnership: “OKAGESAMA” (thanks to all beings)

The principle of business partnership is the same worldwide. However, most Japanese deal with the business partners with modesty and respect, and do so with the Japanese OKAGESAMA mentality. This includes:

  • Behave modesty and pay respect not only to people, nature and what can be seen, but also the unseen
  • To produce goods and services by taking a wide range of parameters into consideration
  • Produce user-friendly yet functional products, and
  • Being proactive in the after-sales service/care


Katsuhiko Kohatsu

Katsuhiko Kohatsu

CEO, Sha-rapport Co., Ltd

The Relationship With Consumers and Our Solution "Sha-rapport"
Masafumi Nishikawa

Masafumi Nishikawa

Founder & CEO, CUBIT, Inc.

Providing ICT Entrepreneurs with Software Programs to Support Their Online Sales and Marketing Services
Hatsumi Tanaka

Hatsumi Tanaka

President and CEO, Welltool Co. Ltd.

Changing Reality by Connecting the World on the Next Generation Social Networking Media Integrated Platform "Welltool"
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