Program Participant

Program Participant

Keith Shaw

VP, Business Development EMEA, Equinix

Mr. Shaw is a senior International Telecommunication Specialist with over 30 years of experiences in the field of technology, business development and sales.

As the current VP of EMEA, Equinix, Mr. Shaw specializes particularly in the deployment of subsea cable systems into the Equinix facilities, the latest includes the Cinia C-Lion1 Cable (from Frankfurt to Helsinki) and Eastern Light (from Helsinki to Stockholm). He is also responsible for the collaboration with key Cloud Providers (e.g. Amazon, Google), as well as the location and acquisition of facilities in new markets.

Having worked previously in Hong Kong, Johannesburg, the Middle East, and London, Mr. Shaw is currently based in Amsterdam.

You can find Keith Shaw in:

Submarine Cable Workshop 2: Critical Influencers of Network Availability Panel & Guest Speakers on Environmental Considerations
Sunday, 21 January 2018

Topical Session 1: Submarine Cable - The Next Phase of Undersea and Terrestrial Networks—"New Routes, Destinations and New Technologies!”
Monday, 22 January 2018

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