Program Participant

Program Participant

Miki Akiyama

Professor, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, Graduate School of Health Management, and Graduate School of Media and Governance , Keio University

Miki Akiyama received her PhD in Medicine (focus on Public Health), and PhD in Media and Governance (focus on Health Informatics) from Keio University. She has been teaching and researching at Keio University, Japan since 2007. She is the founder of Karada-kan Health Information Center in Tsuruoka City, and has been an active contributor in the areas of health communication and community health research. She had served in the Japanese government task-force on Health Information Technology Promotion from 2010 to 2012. Ms. Akiyama has also published a number of books and peer-reviewed journal articles on telehealth, health informatics and palliative care. 

You can find Miki Akiyama in:

Research Workshop: Development of E-Health and Telemedicine—How ICT Has Contributed and Will Be Contributed?
Sunday, 21 January 2018


How ICT has Contributed to Regional Healthcare Collaboration?-Japan’s Perspective



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