Program Participant

Program Participant

Debra Brask

VP, Project and Program Management, TE SubCom

Debbie Brask joined TE SubCom in 1997 and has led the organization's project management group since 2000, overseeing the construction of more than $14billion in undersea fiber optic projects. An integral contributor to the development and implementation of SubCom's corporate and technology strategies, Debbie has led the unit's program management team on new product development, as well as its marketing communications team.

Prior to TE SubCom, Debbie held several roles at Bell Labs, where she received a patent as a ceramic engineer, specializing in fiber optics. There she led a fiber splicing team and became a program manager for special undersea fiber optic projects. She earned an undergraduate degree in Ceramic Engineering from Rutgers University and a Masters’ degree in Engineering and in Technology Management from Steven’s Institute of Technology.

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Submarine Cable Workshop 2: Critical Influencers of Network Availability Panel & Guest Speakers on Environmental Considerations
Sunday, 21 January 2018

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