Program Participant

Program Participant

Frank Orlowski

VP, Corporate Development, DE-CIX International Corporation

Frank P. Orlowski joined DE-CIX as a VP of Corporate Development in 2016 with more than 20 years experience in the telecoms and Internet industries and oversees all Marketing and PR activities. Prior to DE-CIX, Orlowski was a VP of Business Development at Console Connect, a US based SDN player, where he led the company’s business development, Consulting, and international Media Relations.

Before Console, he was the Director of Business Development & Marketing and CMO at DE-CIX, which he helped to significantly develop the Company to a global leader in Internet Exchange services. Prior to that, Orlowski was Senior Manager IP Peering at Deutsche Telekom in New York and Bonn and Director of Market Development for access:Seven Communications.

For DE-CIX, Orlowski has co-founded major industry events such as the European Peering Forum and the Digital Hub Frankfurt association. He is also a contributor to the "Internet peering Playbook"

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Topical Session 14: Emerging Market Access
Tuesday, 23 January 2018


India – The next Big Interconnection Ecosystem




Perhaps no other communications market in the world has as much nascent potential as India. India’s bandwidth demand will be staggering as more end-users migrate to high-capacity platforms and applications. India also serves as a critical node on the major communications route transiting Europe to East Asia, thus supplementing internal demand with the need to support global communications traffic.

With support of TeleGeography DE-CIX has identified the gaps between the fast developing Indian telecommunications market and established markets, especially in the area of IP Network Interconnection (Peering/Transit).

As market participants strive to quickly grow their infrastructure to meet the exploding customer demand for Broadband services they have to cope with the challenge to improve quality while maintaining a competitive offering. This comes at a time where Facebook, Netflix and other Global content networks arrive in the world's second largest Internet market.

We will take a close look at the key metro markets in India and what metros are likely to emerge as key interconnection hubs. We will also demonstrate what tactics those various stakeholders use in order to build and evolove their network interconnection. This includes the use of data centers and Internet Exchanges, such as NIXI (the national Internet Exchange of India) and their very own definition of Interconnection.

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