Program Participant

Program Participant

Zhiye Jin

Ph.D. Candidate, Management Science and Engineering, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Peoples Rep. of China

Zhiye Jin is a postgraduate student in Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT, Beijing, China), majoring in Management Science and Engineering. Her research interests include the regional and nation development of informatization and the measure of informatization.

In the research project, Her assisted Professor Zhang Bin to complete “Informatization Development and Digitization Prospect” in 2017. The paper established the Informatization Level Index, and measured the overall informatization development and Digital Divide situation of 31 provinces in China, analyzing the degree of deviation and putting forward some effective policy suggestions to enhance the informatization development of China.

Recently, she finished the paper “Study on the relationship between Informatization and Competitiveness” to research the effect relationship.

You can find Zhiye Jin in:

PTC Young Scholar 1: Digital Development
Tuesday, 23 January 2018


2018 PTC Young Scholar Recipient

Study on the Relationship Between China’s Informatization and Its Competitiveness


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In view of the era of informatization which is developing at high speed worldwide, the importance of informatization for human society and national development is self-evident. The degree of informatization can be a measure of a nation or region’s modernization. The level of regional informatization has already become an important indicator for weighing regional competitiveness. The development of informatization and competitiveness are closely related.

This paper presents a proposed evaluation index system for China of informatization and competitiveness. On this basis, this paper analyses the correlation coefficient between informatization and competitiveness by using Pearson correlation coefficient, and establishes the simultaneous equation model based on panel data to get the effect degree between the two. This paper calculates the influence coefficient and the elasticity coefficient, analyzing the
degree of effect on competitiveness.

This paper analyzes the correlation and degree of effects between informatization and regional competitiveness. Based on this analysis, this paper puts forward policy suggestions to improve China’s regional competitiveness.

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