Program Participant

Program Participant

Chris White

Head Network Algorithms, Analytics, Control and Security Research Lab, Nokia Bell Labs

Christopher A. White leads the Network, Algorithms, Analytics, Control and Security (NAACS) lab in Bell Labs. He joined Bell Labs in 1997 after graduating with a Ph.D. in theoretical quantum chemistry from the University of California in Berkeley, California. His research interests include the development of computational models and methods for the simulation and control of interesting physical and digital systems. This has included work in areas ranging from linear scaling quantum chemistry simulations, to the design of new optical devices, to the global control of transparent optical mesh networks and to understanding and facilitating the propagation of ideas in organizations. In addition to the management of an international team of world-class researchers, Dr. White’s current work focuses on the creation of assisted thinking tools that leverage structural similarity in data with the goal of augmenting human intelligence.

You can find Chris White in:

Executive Insight Roundtable 4: AI Meets Telcos – Poachers & Gamekeepers
Monday, 22 January 2018

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