Program Participant

Program Participant

Stephan Beckert

VP, Strategy, TeleGeography

Stephan Beckert is VP of Strategy at TeleGeography. He has helped to create and produce many of TeleGeography’s research services, and launched TeleGeography’s WAN Summit conference series.

Stephan has more than 15 years of telecom market research and consulting experience, and is a frequent speaker at public and private conferences. Stephan serves on the Board of Governors of the Pacific Telecommunications Council, and co-chaired the program committee of the PTC Conference from 2007 to 2011.

Prior to joining TeleGeography, he directed the wireless data practice at The Strategis Group, a telecom research and consulting firm. He holds a B.A. from Trinity University and an M.A. from Johns Hopkins University.

You can find Stephan Beckert in:

Topical Session 17: Future of Network Developments
Wednesday, 24 January 2018

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