Program Participant

Program Participant

Clayton Mowry

VP, Global Sales, Marketing & Customer Experience, Blue Origin

Clay Mowry has worked for over 25 years in the commercial launch and satellite sectors serving in government, as the leader of an industry trade association and as a senior executive for leading commercial launch services companies.

Mr. Mowry joined Blue Origin in September 2016 as Vice President for global sales, marketing and customer experience. His mission is to provide commercial and government customers with safe and affordable commercial space transportation services with the reusable New Glenn orbital launch vehicle.

Mowry previously served for 15 years as the President and Chairman of Arianespace, Inc. where he was responsible for managing the company’s sales, marketing, strategy, government relations and communications activities.

In addition to his work at Blue Origin, Mr. Mowry is the Vice President of Finance for the International Astronautical Federation. He also currently serves on the advisory boards of many organizations including Via Satellite magazine, the Space Generation Advisory Council and the Future Space Leaders Foundation.

You can find Clayton Mowry in:

Satellite Industry Luncheon
Monday, 22 January 2018

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