Transform. Transcend. ~Digital Transformation for Connecting Worlds~

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Monday, 22 January 2018
Time: 10.00–10.30

Telecom operators have been diligently providing communication infrastructure for decades all around the world. Meanwhile they face both challenge and opportunity to deploy increasingly sophisticated connectivity to accommodate current and future needs of consumers and enterprises globally. To provide all digital, software-defined and virtualized networks, data centers, and applications access for example, means operators need to transform its business model to become a successful provider. What are the strategies for successful future telecom operators given the challenges to its business models, the need for different eco-systems, and increasingly competitive global, regional and national markets? In terms of both infrastructure and services evolution, what must operators do to remain as the cornerstone to connecting worlds?


Anthony Rossabi

Anthony Rossabi

Executive Vice President & Chief Revenue Officer, TierPoint


Tetsuya Shoji

Tetsuya Shoji

President & CEO, NTT Communications

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