The Future is Open - How the Open Compute Project (OCP) is Creating the Next Generation of Open Data Centres


  • Steve Helvie, VP, Channel, Open Compute Project (OCP), Hong Kong SAR China




This proposed talk would focus on how APAC Telco’s prepare for the next big technology step change while running a heterogeneous infrastructure environment (edge, fog, colo, primary data centre, etc.).

Telco’s are looking for best practices gleamed from hyper-scale companies like Facebook, Microsoft and Google who run highly efficient private and public clouds. The sharing of open hardware and data centre designs is a core strategy for these companies and the basis for the Open Compute Project (OCP).

The Open Compute Project (OCP) was started by Facebook in 2011 with the idea of delivering the most efficient designs for scalable computing through an open source hardware community. We believe that openly sharing ideas, specifications, and other intellectual property is the key to maximizing innovation and reducing complexity in technology components.

OCP designs are more efficient at the ingredient level (server, storage, networking) compared to traditional gear yielding energy savings of 15% + and reduced service costs of ≈ 50%. Also, OCP data centres achieve PUE's better than 1.1 (definition). In fact, IDC forecast that by 2020 OCP Servers are expected to represent 50% of the global market.

In this Topical Discussion we would discuss the key strategies APAC Telco’s need to consider now to simplify the migration and data centre transformation from conventional to OCP and open source gear. We would provide specific examples of how other telco’s and companies have made this transition. Additional goals would include:

• CORD & OCP – highlight the requirement for CORD specific to OCP qualified commodity hardware (CORD reference implementation documents here ).
• Research findings – share results comparing OCP with legacy infrastructure from APAC telco’s who have tested OCP gear in their local facilities.
• Facebook and Microsoft – help Telco’s understand which OCP designs from hyper-scale companies can be used for each environment (colo, edge, etc.)
Telco’s must create a lower cost agile software virtualised open source infrastructure to survive in the next decade and OCP is the bill of materials for achieving this.

Open source has existed in software for many the open source is happening within the hardware and data dentre. As a result would like the opportunity to provide an educational and interactive discussion with the audience at PTC which would apply to APAC telco’s who operate locally and regionally.

Audience – this discussion would be ideal for C-level executives, business unit heads as well as front line engineers.

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