Security & Compliance in the Cloud: Building the Right Plan for Your Business





With IT leaders facing pressure to improve efficiency and do more with fewer resources, cloud computing is rapidly being adopted across businesses of all shapes and sizes. However, as organizations make plans to leverage the cloud, questions surrounding security and compliance often arise. For organizations that must comply with strict HIPAA and PCI-DSS requirements, addressing these concerns head-on is of utmost importance.

Rest assured, it is entirely possible to build highly secure and compliant solutions in the cloud. Adherence to strict compliance requirements allow covered entities to run compliant cloud hosting solutions as long as they are properly architected. The first step is a risk assessment – designed to pinpoint and evaluate risks, mitigate or transfer each risk, and then identify the appropriate risk mitigation strategies. Second is a design architected with those strict requirements as the basis instead of as an afterthought. Finally, an implementation plan with processes and procedures in place with the explicit goal of security and compliance.

This presentation will discuss the variety of prevalent security risks, the potential impact to an organization and how to get in front of the risks to protect your customers and your business. Emil Sayegh, an early pioneer of cloud computing and one of the industry’s few true veterans, will share strategies and considerations for running security and compliance-dependent workloads in the cloud, provide guidance on architecting a highly secure and compliant solution, and share proven strategies and approaches to alleviating security risks.

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