Software Innovation is Our Submarine Future



Software innovation possibilities, coupled with lucrative time-to-market benefits, are transforming terrestrial networks the world over both within and between data centers, where content and applications are hosted. Given most new bandwidth being turned up is for Data Center Interconnectivity (DCI) purposes for and by Internet Content Providers (ICPs), software and the associated virtualization is about to transform submarine networks in a very significant manner. As the lines between submarine and terrestrial networks continue to blur worldwide, submarine networks interconnecting data centers can benefit from many newly available software technologies to completely transform how submarine cable operators monetize their networks.

My presentation will discuss how the unstoppable software movement is transforming both new and future submarine networks from many viewpoints including bandwidth-on-demand, intelligent network protection, big data-based predictive analysis to proactively ensure network availability, and multi-domain orchestration of services, from POP-to-POP. Since the primary application driving most new submarine network capacity is ICP-drive transoceanic DCI, it only makes sense to apply what is benefitting intra-DCI applications to inter-DCI applications over subsea links. No longer will increased capacity and distances dominate submarine network discussions in the future; rather, it will be how software is transforming the subsea networking industry.

My presentation is based on real-world examples already deployed in the field making it highly relevant and informative to all PTC attendees, especially operators, as they will learn how software innovation can and is being used to radically change how submarine networks are designed, deployed, operated, and monetized.

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