The Dark Net’s Role in DDoS Attacks and What Can Be Done About It



Among a wide range of security-related subjects, TierPoint Senior Vice President & Chief Security Officer Paul Mazzucco – a certified ethical hacker – can address how hackers have perfected the sale of DDoS attacks and other business interruption tools on the Darknet; how they’re using DDoS attacks as smokescreens for committing even more nefarious deeds; and what businesses today can do to protect their networks and systems. Mr. Mazzucco recently led the design and installation of a unique, multivector DDoS attack detection and mitigation solution, which is built to handle attacks at the network, server, and application layers. This solution includes protection against volumetric and non-volumetric attacks, SYN flood attacks, low and slow attacks, HTTP floods, SSL-based attacks and more. Mr. Mazzucco can speak to the behavioral-learning capabilities of this solution and how those capabilities can improve the detection and mitigation of DDoS attacks in real time.

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