Orchestrated Service Assurance - An Enabler to Realize the Benefits of Virtualization


  • Ken Gold, Leader, Solutions Marketing, EXFO, Canada




You must have heard the song from Wizard of Oz where the girl, the lion and tin man are all seeking the Wizard who is presumed to have limitless powers and can solve all their problems. When they find him however, they realize that he is just hype.

Network Virtualization offers a similar promise and operators globally are rushing to embrace this disruptive innovation. However there is a danger that the magic might just evaporate unless we clearly understand the pitfalls in operating this new network and create solutions with proper instrumentation to drive innovation, agility and service assurance.

My presentation will cover:

  • Understanding the key challenges in the journey of network virtualization
  • Talk about the impact of concepts like network slicing/service chaining on service assurance

Talk about a framework for an automated/ policy-enabled service assurance using SD-WAN as an example

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