One Tribe, Many Venues: The Use of Multiple Online Community Platforms by Indonesian Government Scholarship Recipients

2018 PTC Young Scholar Recipient


  • Anis Hamidati, Ph.D. Student, Communication and Information Science, University of Hawaii, Manoa, USA


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A Community of Practice (CoP) develops through the collective learning among its members. This work-in-progress research looks into a population of a CoP bound by the commonality of receiving a specific Indonesian government scholarship. It looked into the patterns of membership of the CoP in the various platforms that it uses to communicate. Sixteen interviews from a diverse range of scholarship recipients were analyzed. It was found that there are three different platforms used by the CoP, including a government-led bulletin board group, and two social media-based citizen-led platforms. Three major themes came up in their discussion: 1) information, 2) the quality of the CoP in the different platforms and 3) participation. The findings suggest that the government-led group platform is the least effective due to the lack of effort by the government to respond to inquiries. To fulfill the need of information sharing and other support, citizen-led group platforms are created and maintained by the population using social media tools available to them.

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