Every Island, Every Person, Everything


  • John Turnbull, Sales Director, Pacific, SES Networks, Singapore




Internet Service Providers (ISP) operating in The Pacific continuously seek to extract real benefits from network performance.  Access to connectivity alone is no longer enough.  An ISP needs to go to the heart of understanding customers’ behavior, their needs and their trends.  Tracking all of this has never been so important as it is today. With highly demanded content (Facebook, YouTube, Netflix etc.) becoming more and more the main driver behind consumption and customer satisfaction, improving QoS is key to unlocking new opportunities.  This is what lies at the heart of generating new broadband revenue streams.

By ensuring a high-quality network experience, the ISP is empowered to bring its customers into the heart of real opportunity, currently taken for granted on the main islands … exceptional user experience.

This presentation will showcase how analytics of a customer in East Timor conducted by SES Networks over a month’s period provided intelligence to track certain user behavior and provide an end-to-end view of the customer experience. Understanding and optimizing every journey gave the insight needed to make impactful business decisions to maximize lifetime customer value and promote a seamless connected world in The Pacific region.

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